Barbara Schilling

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Barbara Schilling Contemporary Impressionist
Barbara Schilling, was a highly regarded Conservator of Fine Art for over 35 years. She worked on artwork by Picasso, Weidenaar, Dali, Alten, Merizon, Osthaus, as well as many family treasures. As an oil painter she has studied with artists Laura Robb, Elizabeth Robbins, Qiang Huang, Quang Ho, Roger Dale Brown and Ken Cadwallader. She is a West Michigan artist who has been painting throughout her life. While working in Restoration she pursued her painting in the evenings and weekends. Since retiring from her restoration job, she is committed to creating her own art full-time. Barbara works almost exclusively with traditional oil-paints and stretches or mounts her own linen surfaces. Her work has been recognized throughout the country and has received many National awards. She has collectors around the globe and actively promotes her work online through social media and her website. Her paintings have received many awards both regionally and nationally.
In the Artists words:
“Some of my favorite subjects are my flowers grown from my own gardens, but I also have spent much time in the out of doors working en plein air, camping, and hiking. I like to use my photo references combined with my experience with nature to create larger studio landscapes.  Working in the studio creating interesting still life arrangements is also something I enjoy a lot. Some of my favorite subjects are my flowers grown from my own gardens. I love having complete control over the created environment. And the comforts of the studio are honestly a real plus to me!  To me painting flowers from life is a full sensory delight…sight, touch, smell and soul. Flowers so often bring up pleasant memories of a time or place in our lives. (One of my earliest memories is the smell of lilacs in the Spring from the big lilac bush in our backyard.  I consider the brushwork and textures to be an exciting part of a painting. I often work with a combination of brushes and painting knives to get that luscious build up of paint on the canvas. Creating an energetic, 3D effect."
Awards and Honors include:
Golden Apple 1st Place Award 2018
Jack Richeson Still Life Finalist 2018
AWA Spring Salon 2018
Jack Richeson Small works Finalist 2018
Jack Meier Gallery Finalist 2017
Ellington White 2nd place award 2017
American Art Awards 9 top place awards 2017
Jack Richeson Still Life Exhibit 1st Place Award 2017
AWA Salon 2017
OPA National 2017
Principle Gallery Juried Event 2017
OPA Fall Honorable Mention Award 2017
AIS Small Works National 2017
ArtMuse Finalist 2016
OPA Regional Award of Excellence 2016
ArtMuse Finalist and Award of Merit 2016
AWA National 2016
Arts In Harmony Consortium Award 2016
OPA Eastern Regional 2015
NOAPS Best of America Award of Merit 2015
AWA National 2015
Richeson Gallery “Small Works Exhibit” 2015
Festival of Arts 1st place, 2nd place and Purchase Awards 2015
NOAPS Best of America Exhibit 2013
Current memberships include:
Oil Painters of America National Oil and Acrylic Painters
Signature Member of American Women Artists
American Impressionists Society
National Oil and Acrylic Painters