Beverly R. Seibert

Selected Works



Beverly Seibert is a native Cincinnati-an with a deep love for the beauty and respect of nature. She grew up, living out in the country and enjoying the great outdoors. Throughout her life she has always been an intense explorer and observer of nature, whether it was in the tops of trees as a child or closer to the ground as an adult. 

An interest in nature led Beverly to pursue natural sciences, education and art. She used this interest during her 35 years as a teacher to involved students academically by inspiring their creatively. She believes that it's important to learn how to express yourself through art.

Beverly's sculptures, oils, watercolors, acrylics and photography reflect a connection to nature with a touch of Native American influence from her heritage. Her sculpture pieces incorporate leaves, lichen, bark, feathers, and other natural materials.

Seibert is a member of the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati. Her work is often displayed at the Barn. She has also participated in a show with fellow alumni members of the Masters program at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She was introduced to Eisele Gallery through the Women's Art Club exhibition "Past to Present" in 2018.