Bogomir Bogdanovic

Selected Works



Born in Senje, Yugoslavia, in 1923, Bogomir Bogdanovic studied Art and Architecture at Belgrade University and then immigrated to New York in 1957 at the age of 34.  While making a living as an illustrator for a manufacturing company, he painted the seasonal beauty of New York City in oil and watercolor.  His desire was also to capture the picturesque countryside of upstate New York where he discovered the quaint town of Warwick, satisfying his needs to be close to New York City for the artists' market and to the serene subject matter he loved to paint.

Bogdanovic's work consists of varied subjects, primarily of breathtaking landscapes dotted with people from New York City, Warwick, and neighboring Sussex County. "I paint everything," he says, but not abstractions, as he prefers his art to be recognizable. "It's an amazing experience to watch a painting reveal itself, be it on paper or canvas."

Enduring long hours in snow and ice, he enjoys painting on location, rarely using photographs unless he has taken them himself.  Bogdanovic compares his profession to being a hunter, searching for the ideas worth talking about.  His choices seem to have been the right ones - enabling him to take many painting honors throughout his long career.