Linda Fisler

Selected Works



Born in Southwest Ohio Linda Fisler enjoys the challenge of painting and also writing. Exploring and observing Nature for the answers, and slowing down, painting in her studio with the results of her efforts providing a moving experience for her viewers, followers, and collectors are foremost in her efforts. Linda enjoys painting landscapes, marine scenes, seascapes and animals; working mostly with palette knifes resulting in beautiful shapes of broken color. While trying hard to resist a label other than an artist seeking to portray beauty, she is considered a representational painter with influences from the 19th Century Impressionist painters.

With her business background, which encompasses a very successful career at Procter & Gamble, Linda has forged many connections in the art world.  Upon her decision to follow her heart and passion to bring more beauty into this world, Linda’s study of fine art heightened. Her business knowledge and skills serve her well as she consults with many art businesses and artists.  She is highly sought after for advice and direction. These relationships with her clients have evolved, providing many opportunities to study art, discuss art and paint with a number of nationally and internationally known artists such as Kevin Macpherson, CW Mundy, George Gallo, Joe Anna Arnett, and Jennifer McChristian to name a few.  Her Art Consultant services have been provided to Kevin Macpherson, Joe Anna Arnett, George Gallo, Michael Harding Oil Paints to name only a few.

In 2010, Linda founded a company, Artist Mentors Online, LLC. This company provided business and art skills mentoring via the Internet to artists around the world. Linda took part in the 2011 AMO Pro*D*J yearlong study program which resulted in some wonderful influence and remarkable progress in her work.  She handled most of the business aspects of AMO and in 2012 launched a highly successful internet radio show called AMO Art Chat.   In her capacity of producer, director and one of the hosts of AMO Art Chat, she was able to interview and/or create relationships with some of the biggest names in the art industry today, all of which have greatly influenced her painting style, skills and knowledge.

Linda has progressed in her career to instructor, teaching in at the Middletown Arts Center and Artist Network University.  Combined with her radio show, these opportunities provide a fulfilling opportunity for Linda to pass on to others her knowledge of art.  In December of 2013, Linda was given the opportunity to host a television show called, Color Your World, whose mission is to foster art appreciation through providing not only artists but any art lover information to help them enjoy their love even more.  The taped shows are loaded up to the internet for all to enjoy on the website, Color Your World.

Linda is a published author, having articles published in many nationally/internationally distributed art magazines. American Artist’s Plein Air Painting Spring 2011 Issue included Linda’s featured article, “Passport & Palette, Painting En Plein Air Aroundthe World”. She was also published in The Artist’s Magazine many times as well as other F+W publications.   Linda is an experienced blogger (both video and written blogs).  Her topics cover art topics as well as business as she continues to share her experience and her dedication to mentor all artists.  Linda is also writing e-books and novels.  Her novels she hopes to publish soon.

Linda continues her desire to create and bring beauty to the world, painting and writing as much as she can as well as instructing her many students.  She is working on commissions and on her New Zealand series of paintings. In 2014 Linda traveled to France, returning to create a series of paintings on the Southern region of France.  She has also conducted painting demonstrations, most recently at the Art of the Carolinas.