Moshe Rosenthalis

Selected Works



(1922 - 2008)

Legendary Israeli artist, Rosenthalis, was born in Lithuania. As a youth he was constrained by the social realism of  the post World War I Soviet Union. His experiences as a soldier and illustrator for propaganda posters for the red army during WW II were also a great influence. It was under this authoritarian atmosphere that he developed as an art student at the Academy of Art in Vilna.

When he immigrated to Israel in 1958 his view of the world and his own art were forever changed. He was exposed to the bright light and local color of his adopted country as well as the new styles of western painting. He began to work in a more abstracted and expressive style.

Rosenthalis explains “to simplify forms one has to work harder, search, use the imagination, and involve one’s intellect and emotions.” A master of color, he transforms shapes and lines into joyful compositions of harmony and rhythm.